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Digital Enslavement Is Now Assured

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August 11, 2017

This is justification for what I have been saying for a year or more – blockchain chain technology and cryptocurrencies are evil and will usher in a cashless society. If some of what I am about say sounds harsh it is because we are discussing our lives – not just our financial lives, but our ability to have the life we dream about, hope for and work to obtain.

As we have pointed out, especially over the past few months, the too big to jail banks, IMF, United Nations and BIS have all been encircling blockchain technology, not for the purposes of condemning but rather to announce their intention of embracing. No one, except Chris Duane and myself, have questioned any of these moves by the very criminals that so many of us report on each and every day.

Over the past few weeks it has become clear the people that embrace cryptocurrencies have become blind with profits, and to a degree it’s understandable as a lot of the people have this misguided perception they “have lost money on their investment” in precious metals. This proves how little most of the people understand precious metals and the role they play in our lives and makes one question their depth of knowledge regarding this new technology that has the potential to enslave the world, never to breathe free air again. But, the cheerleading continues unabated with few questions being ask.

We spent most of 2016 researching the SDR (Special Drawing Rights), fiat currency created by the IMF for the purpose of global trade settlement. We interviewed a number of people on this topic, including Jim Rickards and Willem Middelkoop two of the most studied people on this topic. It became quite clear the SDR was going to be an important piece of the monetary puzzle in the near future and we were attempting to keep people informed as to it’s changes and the potential impact on our everyday lives. Now we learn, that all the research was not in vain. We hope people were paying attention.

August 8: Lynette Zang, ITM Trading, released her latest video covering one of the new cryptocurrencies, ACChain. This, unlike other cryptocurrencies has the full backing of the Chinese government and is going to be tied directly to the SDR. This is, by far, one of my greatest fears coming to fruition and should have your full undivided attention. This is, in fact, a global digital currency that could be used at ground zero – where you and I stand.

In 2011 the IMF gave us an outline of, both their goals and, how they would roll the SDR out in global trade.
…they talk about the need for an international monetary reform; and that’s because they knew that the system died in 2008 and was put on life support. So, they [the IMF] needed to buy some time to create the next money standard.
They also needed to create a new class of SDR “the tradable” SDR’s as a reserve asset. In addition they’re looking to utilize the SDR as a global unit of account. Which means that all assets would be valued in terms of SDR. Right now they’re valued in terms of dollars (Federal Reserve Notes). So, they want to take it from a dollar centric monetary system to an SDR centric monetary system, but there needs to be a standard shift as well.

Our current monetary system died in 2008 when the derivatives market imploded taking out Lehman Brothers and AIG. The systemic damage was spreading so quickly the American people were held at gun point by the Federal Reserve and their minions, the too big to jail banks. As Warren Buffett so infamously stated “derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction”. The only thing Buffett has ever said of real value.

Derivatives blew the system apart and the top 0.01% have been stealing as much wealth from the citizens around the world as humanly possible. The American stock markets have not been moving to the upside over five years to benefit the people. This has been generated by the Federal Reserve in order to transfer our wealth to their balance sheet. When the time is right the Dow Jones, S&P and NASDAQ will free fall unlike anything ever seen before. The criminal banksters and their scummy minions will then scoop up all the stocks at very discounted prices using the profits from the sale of the same stock from the dizzying heights they have created with all the QE funds stolen from the American people.

The above is one of the first steps, with a great many others already in place, that are well documented.

This massive drop in the stock markets will lay the ground work for a panic by the average citizen who’s wealth just dropped by more than 50%, probably closer to 75%, never to return. Unlike in 2008 when the Federal Reserve, and the too big to jail banks, demanded a $750 BILLION ransom, this time around the problem will be far larger than the central banks can handle. The volume of wealth transfer is going to be breath-taking.

Once all assets are valued in SDRs, they want all currencies to be “pegged” to the SDR. ~Lynette Zang

As we have discussed on a number of occasions, if cash is part of the monetary system, negative interest rates will not work. If people have the option of using cash and staying outside the banking system, the banksters can not charge us fees for having any wealth. We’re not even talking about wealth, just the ways and means of sustaining ones life – paying bills, putting gas in the car, food – is going to have a fee attached to it by the banks – this is called “negative interest rates” which is an absolute lie as “negative interest rates” do not and can not exist. It is theft, plain and simple. But “negative interest rates” hides this fact and are words that most people will accept. If the banksters came out said “we are now going to charge you a fee for having funds in our bank” people would revolt and this is the reason for creating a digital currency. There is no other reason for digital currency to exist.

As the Director of China’s Central Bank stated in March 2017

“If everyone is holding cash, negative interest rates become useless,” Zhou was cited as saying (link in Chinese) at the Boao Forum, an annual conference in Hainan province. “With the popularity of digital currency, cash usage will drop significantly… During extreme deflation, negative interest rates are perhaps more useful than dropping money from helicopter s.

With most central banks close to, or currently at zero interest rates, going negative requires a new set of rules. The new set of rules have been laid out and will be implemented over the coming months. Moving to a digital currency is required to force people into the banking system. One needs to look no further than the scheme India introduced in 2016 when they outlawed the two largest bank notes, which made up 86% of all cash in India, and forced the citizens to open a bank account to exchange the outlawed currency for the newly issued replacement currency. This was a trial run on a massive scale.

If the banking system doesn’t force people into digital currency they will simply go to the bank and liquidate their accounts into cash. It would allow people to, at least, keep their funds. So, outlawing/banning cash is a key element in making this scheme of enslavement work properly.

In May 2017 China introduced ACC – Asset Collection Chain or ACChain.

Welcome to the one world digital currency that lives on the blockchain and utilizes a “token” system that looks, acts and functions a lot like bitcoin.

ACC could also be Anti-Christ Coin you decide what it is. Notice the person running through a pyramid and how the Federal Reserve Note and Chinese Renminbi are one side of the slide and all other currencies are on the opposite side? The pyramid is a one of the most used symbols by the globalist – just look on the back of any Federal Reserve Note for confirmation. Below the pyramid is the following statement – “Blockchain – The devil uses it to destroy the world.” What is that about?

I have been sickened by the whole blockchain, cryptocurrency thing for the past several months and now we can all see why. People have been attacking me by email, in comment sections on YouTube saying I don’t know what I’m talking about, learn about the technology before you speak, “this is the greatest invention since fire”. Well, maybe now all these haters will come to realize that maybe, just maybe, being on the same team as BNY Mellon, BIS, IMF and Blythe Masters may have consequences.

Be on the look out for an economic shift within the next 18 months. I feel confident there are but a few pieces of the puzzle remaining to be put into place and once the picture is complete – this has the potential to change our lives forever.

Lynette Zang breaks it all down and then goes on SGTReport to share with his audience.


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