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Precious Metals 101

The purpose of this educational package is to provide the fundamental knowledge needed for new investors to begin their journey of physical precious metal investment. It covers all the essentials including terms used in the industry, the different mints, what is involved in keeping your precious metals safe, the types of precious metals, the different prices used and the precious metals markets.
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Seek knowledge to invest wisely

Precious Metals 101 provides a basic understanding of the world of gold, silver and platinum so investors can become increasingly savvy about their purchases, and reap the rewards of their investment.

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We help empower investors like you

We may be the most trusted source of investment grade precious metals in the industry, but we also pride ourselves on educating investors so they can make sound decisions and invest confidently. In addition to Precious Metals 101, we educate and empower investors every day with our blogs, newscasts, and interviews.

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The long-standing history and desirability of gold is undeniable. It’s arguably the most valuable and coveted of all the precious metals.
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As the most affordable of the precious metals, silver is a common choice for first-time buyers looking for a reasonable entry point.
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Platinum’s history as a precious metal is relatively young. However, its importance continues to grow in modern times.
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