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Marin Katusa: The Most Powerful Weapon Ever – Gold, Uranium, Pen? - The Daily Coin

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March 28, 2016

We have the power and the weaponry to change every community, every state and the entire nation without ever firing a single bullet. How is this possible?

Whenever a person, anywhere in the world, exchanges their fiat currency for gold or silver coins or bars, they are “firing a shot” at that currency. Gold is “the money of Kings” and silver is “the money of Gentlemen”. Gold and silver have been money for thousands of years and no amount of market rigging, made up rules or government intervention will change this law of man. People around the world still conduct business using gold and silver as a medium of exchange. Simply because gold, in particular, is not used on a large scale and we are continually told that gold is a “ pet rock” or held by Central Banks as a “tradition” this is not the case. Gold and silver have value and worth. To acquire them from the source builds into them a certain amount of value. The labor, the time and various resources used to acquire these precious metals goes into every ounce pulled out of the ground. If gold is a “pet rock” or a “tradition” then why is there so much secrecy surrounding gold held at Central Banks? Why does the Federal Reserve, in conjunction with the U.S. Treasury, refuse to conduct an audit of OUR gold? The gold held at Fort Knox and the New York Federal Reserve, that is assigned to the Federal Reserve System, belongs to the people of the United States. If gold is nothing more than a tradition, audits are also a tradition that every responsible person does on a regular basis. Who among us doesn’t audit (balance) their checking account regularly? Who among us doesn’t audit their personal belongs of every type? Ever go through your closet, clean it out and donate the clothes, shoes, whatever to charity? It’s that an audit?

Every gram of gold or silver you acquire using fiat currency effectively removes that many “dollars” from the current financial and economic system. What you have done is removed those “dollars” from the hands of government. They now have fewer “dollars” to use to purchase weapons of war, surveillance technology and the other weapons they use against us. Today would be a good day to remove a few “dollars” from their hands and place another weapon in your back pocket. Gold and silver are free from tyranny, accepted around the world in good faith and provides a piece of insurance from, what appears to be, a system in change.

Marin Katusa, Katusa Research, and I were able to sit down and discuss gold, silver and mining. What happened was much more than I could have imagined. The conversation started out discussing gold, silver and the miners. It ramped up and made me to realize how jacked-up our world is when we began discussing uranium. I know little about uranium and the impact it has on our world, that is now changing because of Mr. Katusa. What I do know is it used to create energy in nuclear power plants and it is used in making weapons.

The two primary uses for uranium make it another of the weapons we discussed. When I say weapon that is to say both sides of the coin – good and bad. The good that uranium can do for our world is to make our air much cleaner by “firing a shot” at both coal and oil. If we use less coal and oil our air will greatly improve. I am not a tree-hugger nor do I believe in “global warming/climate change”. I also report regularly on what has occurred in Fukushima, Japan. I understand the implications of nuclear power and how it can impact our world. I also learned, from Marin, that the United Arab Emirates has three brand new nuclear power plants coming online. Why would an OPEC member nation ever consider nuclear power, even on a small scale, unless there was a specific need, specific goal or something is going on with oil as energy? They already have all the energy they will need for a very long time to come – or do they? It is question that begs to be ask.

Our conversation then turned to the “presidential election show “.

I see two things: First of all the first the thing people should be asking is – the existing establishment, on both sides, wether GOP or the Democrats, should be asking themselves “Wholly crap how bad have we been, how screwed up and pathetic have we been for Bernie and Donald to do what they’ve also done?”

The other thing people have to understand is, if you read history, weapons would always evolve; the success of the Roman Empire was always adapting and evolving their weaponry. But today every person in America holds the most powerful weapon ever in their back pocket… Marin Katusa

With the American people seemingly awakening, in a way that I can not remember ever seeing, it would be a disservice to you to not ask Marin what he see’s happening. The media has lied, deceived and continually programmed the people to believe what the establishment wanted us to believe. As Marin points out the people have the greatest weapon ever seen. The one weapon that can not be controlled, can not be stopped and has the power to mobilize millions in a flash. You may be using it to read these words. The smartphone has the power to educate in a way that bypasses all the noise, all the propaganda and allows the person using the weapon to use it in a way that changes their lives and the world. Wonder why the establishment is so concerned about websites like The Daily Coin?

You are holding the wonder-weapon of change.

Give this a listen and allow Marin Katusa, Katusa Research, to share his wisdom and knowledge that has made him a very wealthy man at a very young age.


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