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Silver Price Chart

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Stay updated on current silver prices using our intuitive charts, displaying real-time and historical silver prices. Customize the data to suit your needs and get specific daily price information by hovering over the chart.

Silver Price History or How It All Started

Silver has had a lasting impact on human culture and economic development. In Ancient Egypt, it surpassed gold in value and became a highly sought-after metal due to its perceived rarity and dazzling appearance. This led to extensive mining operations and its use as a widely accepted currency for thousands of years. Silver found its way into daily transactions and artistic expressions, including jewellery and pottery. Around 269 BC, the Roman Empire further solidified silver's global importance by adopting it as standard coinage. This established silver as a universally recognized medium of exchange, playing a crucial role in the growth of commerce, trade, and global investment markets. Find out more about precious metals prices:

Today, silver continues to be valued for its practical applications in economic development. It is widely used in industries such as:

  • Electronics
  • Medicine
  • Renewable energy technologies, etc.

Additionally, silver maintains its aesthetic appeal and is appreciated in art and design. With its rich historical significance as a valuable currency and its contemporary relevance in various industries, silver remains a highly sought-after resource, leaving a lasting legacy in both culture and economics. Browse our collection of silver bars and silver coins today.

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Silver Producers

Price of Silver Today

Unlike ancient times, the price of silver today is determined by various factors. Silver mining costs are low due to shared expenses and abundant supply. Industrial and jewellery demand, as well as investor speculation, also influence the price. Silver prices change daily due to supply, demand, investments, and global events.

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Live Silver Price in Canada FAQ

Q: Why invest in silver?

Silver offers stability in a volatile market, with its prices tending to rise during market downturns. It remains strong relative to the USD, presenting potential opportunities for a bullish market trend.

Q: Why will silver protect me in a market crash?

Silver's unique properties make it a safe and reliable commodity that can protect investors during a market crash. Its value tends to strengthen when the market falters, providing stability and potential long-term ROI.

Q: Why is currency so volatile?

Currency, such as the US dollar, is volatile due to unpredictable market movements and factors like inflation and hyperinflation. Investors turn to silver as an outlet to protect their investments from currency fluctuations.

Q: What factors determine the silver price in Canada?

The price of silver is influenced by factors such as supply and demand, investor spending, market speculation, socio-political climate, currency valuation, and institutional buying power. Supply and demand play a crucial role in determining current silver prices. Contact us at 1.888.861.0775 or book a free consultation and make sure you have all the information.