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Maple Leaf Coins


About Maple Leaf Coins


Maple Leaf coins from the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) are globally renowned for their exceptional quality, intricate designs, and investment value. As one of the most sought-after bullion coins, the Maple Leaf series stands as a testament to the RCM's commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. Gold, Silver & Platinum Maple Leaf Coins were first introduced in 1979 by Royal Canadian Mint. By 1982, they improved the refining process so that the coins were 99.99% purity. The Gold Maple Leaf Coin is one of the purest gold coins available around the world. These coins are a legal tender in Canada, with values ranging from 50 cents, $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 and $50.00.


Why Invest In Maple Leaf Coins?


1. Unparalleled Purity and Quality:

Gold, Silver and Platinum Maple Leaf coins are cherished for their exceptional purity, with the standard Gold Maple Leaf Coin being minted from .9999 fine gold, Silver Maple Leaf Coin minted from .9999 fine silver and Platinum Maple Leaf Coin minted from .9995 fine Platinum. This attention to purity not only ensures the coin's value but also reflects RCM's dedication to producing coins of the highest quality.


2. Iconic Maple Leaf Design:

The iconic maple leaf design is a symbol of Canada's natural beauty and identity. With meticulous attention to detail, RCM captures the intricate veins of the maple leaf, making each coin a miniature work of art. The reverse of the coin also features the signature of Walter Ott, the Chief Engraver of the Mint, adding a personal touch to every piece.


3. Security Features:

RCM has incorporated cutting-edge security features into Maple Leaf coins to prevent counterfeiting. These features include micro-engraved laser marks and radial lines that create a visually striking pattern, enhancing the coin's authenticity and adding an extra layer of security for collectors and investors.


4. Variants for Every Collector:

RCM offers a diverse range of Maple Leaf coins to cater to various preferences and budgets. Apart from the standard Gold Maple Leaf, there are Silver Maple Leaf coins, Platinum Maple Leaf coins, and even Palladium Maple Leaf coins. This variety ensures that collectors and investors can find the perfect addition to their portfolios.


5. Global Recognition and Liquidity:

Maple Leaf coins are recognized worldwide, adding to their liquidity and making them easily tradable in the international market. Their reputation for quality and purity gives buyers confidence in their investment, making Gold, Silver and Platinum Maple Leaf coins a staple in many portfolios.


6. Precious Metals Registerred Investments Eligibility:

Investors seeking to include Maple Leaf coins in their retirement strategies will be pleased to know that certain Maple Leaf coins are eligible for inclusion in Precious Metals registered investment accounts (RESP, RRSP, RIF, TFSA and more). This provides a tax-efficient way to invest in these coins for long-term financial goals.


Maple Leaf coins from the Royal Canadian Mint represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship, quality, and innovation. With their iconic design, exceptional purity, and global recognition, these coins continue to captivate collectors and investors around the world. Whether you're an avid collector or a savvy investor, owning a piece of the Maple Leaf series is not only a testament to Canada's natural beauty but also a symbol of your commitment to excellence.

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