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Embracing Cryptos and Bashing Gold - Rory Hall (3/8/2017)

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August 3, 2017

We are beginning to see and hear more and more from the mainstream media about cryptocurrencies – just all positive, gleeful sounds of joy. Ben Bernanke will be delivering the key note speech, in October, at an upcoming blockchain conference. Jim Cramer recently said bitcoin could go to $1 million Federal Reserve Notes!!! Oh, and the IMF, they said they are going to “crush cryptocurrencies” with their own central bank DLT cryptocurrency.

What about the banking cabal? Well, we have the vampire squid moving in with the SETLCoin and Bank of America filing more than 29 different patents for cryptocurrencies in August 2017 alone.

Mean while, gold continues to get talked down by the mainstream media on an almost daily basis. If gold is of no importance and bitcoin is going to $1 million Federal Reserve Notes, why does the mainstream media ever mention gold or continue to run the ticker on ALL the financial news networks? Hmmmm….makes one wonder about the importance of gold and the assimilation of cryptocurrencies for the masses.

Just today, thanks to Louis Cammarosano. Smaulgld, we learned that CNBC, one of the bastions of “real news”, reported “Gold breaks winning streak and Could Be Headed Lower“.

At this point, Schlossberg doesn’t believe the current economic backdrop justifies the kind of negative sentiment that’s often associated with climbing gold prices. The metal has already risen 14 percent this year.

So, if I understand correctly…the dollar falling more than 10% year to date, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, and the continual struggles within Washington DC is not enough to “justify the kind of negative sentiment associated with gold climbing”; well, then what would it take, Scholssberg? Maybe a nuke being dropped or perhaps the Federal Reserve raising interest rates 4-5% points? Would that do the trick?

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