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Banksters, Independence & Cryptos

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October 19, 2017

This has been my argument to cryptocurrencies from day one. In 2013 , when I was part of an interview with SGTReport and Justin O’Connell explained the NSA built the platform bitcoin lives on, I knew that this was not for me. Since I am not motivated by currency/money, as so many people in the “truth movement” seem to be, the fact that bitcoin and several other cryptos are making “new all time highs” is of no concern to me. It’s funny the crypto “truth-tellers” will bash the DJIA/S&P 500/Russell 2000 for making “new all time highs” but it’s okay that bitcoin is doing the same thing using the measure of value – the Federal Reserve Note. But I digress.

My argument, for the past several years has been, governments and banksters will not allow cryptos to “win” and will, in fact, use cryptos to their advantage. We are beginning to see the tide turn in this regard. If anyone thinks that squashing something as trivial as a nations freedom and independence but the same people will allow their mechanism of power and control to be side-stepped, well, those people are living in a fantasy world – a world of make-believe filled with unicorns and rainbows. If you don’t believe me ask the people of Greece, Venezuela and now Catalonia. Let me know what you find out.

Spanish Gov’t to Invoke Constitution’s Article 155, Quashing Catalan Autonomy
Earlier in the day, Catalonia’s leader stated that the Catalan parliament could proceed to declare independence if Spain’s authorities refused to talk. This Thursday was the deadline given by Madrid to the Catalan leader to announce the status of the region.

The Government of Spain stated that on Saturday it will begin the procedure for invoking Article 155 of its Constitution, which will suspend the autonomous status of Catalonia. The government has vowed to take every opportunity at its disposal to “restore, as soon as possible, the legality and constitutional order, restore peaceful coexistence between citizens, and stop the economic deterioration caused by the unstable legal situation in Catalonia.”
Also a special group of experts had been set up in Madrid to determine what actions would be legitimate in the event of Catalonia’s refusal to fulfill the obligations of the Spanish Constitution.

On October 1, a referendum on independence was held in Catalonia, more that 90 percent of voters agreed to secede from Spain. Following the vote, the Catalan leader said the region deserved to be sovereign; however, he urged the parliament to suspend the declaration of independence. The Constitutional Court of Spain recognized the vote as not in accordance with the constitution.

The Spanish Constitution is in the same boat as the United States Constitution – “nothing but a go**amn piece of paper” as former President George W. Bush once stated. Which means it carries zero weight with the real power brokers.

Now, if we the people want to stand up and take back our Constitution, well, then we may have something. Until that day arrives the “owners of this country” will continue to act as if “we the people” are nothing more than ATM, cattle or sheep to brought to market and sold to the highest bidder. Believe what you wish, but Catalonia is a great case study in reality versus the Constitution.

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